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Updated Rates

Latest DHA City Karachi Plot Prices in various sectors of DHA City Karachi. Updated: 20th May 2019, 3:00 pm

125 sq yds200 sq yds300 sq yds500 sq yds1000 sq yds2000 sq yds
Sector 1------
Sector 2A--68 Lacs---
Sector 2B--69 Lacs---
Sector 2C--70 Lacs---
Sector 2D---91 Lacs--
Sector 3A---109 Lacs--
Sector 3B-65 Lacs-100 Lacs--
Sector 4A--57 Lacs---
Sector 4B--60 Lacs---
Sector 4C--60 Lacs---
Sector 4D---72 Lacs122 Lacs-
Sector 4E-41 Lacs50 Lac61 Lacs--
Sector 5A---90 Lacs--
Sector 5B---90 Lacs--
Sector 5C---90 Lacs--
Sector 5D----145 Lacs-
Sector 6A---82 Lacs--
Sector 6B---80 Lacs--
Sector 6C---71 Lacs--
Sector 6D-54 Lacs61 Lacs---
Sector 7A---81 Lacs--
Sector 7B---81 Lacs--
Sector 7C----135 Lacs-
Sector 7D---81 Lacs--
Sector 8A----117 Lacs-
Sector 8B-----205 Lacs
Sector 8C---74 Lacs--
Sector 8D---74 Lacs--
Sector 9A--77 Lacs--
Sector 9B---77 Lacs--
Sector 9C-47 Lacs56 Lacs---
Sector 9D---70 Lacs--
Sector 10A---66 Lacs--
Sector 10B---66 Lacs--
Sector 10C---70 Lacs--
Sector 10D---70 Lacs-
Sector 11A---69 Lacs--
Sector 11B---69 Lacs--
Sector 11C---69 Lacs--
Sector 11D-69 Lacs185Lacs
Sector 11E-39 Lacs45 Lacs59 Lacs--
Sector 12A---74 Lacs--
Sector 12B---74 Lacs--
Sector 12C---70 Lacs--
Sector 12D---70 Lacs--
Sector 13A-42.50 Lacs----
Sector 13B-45.50 Lacs----
Sector 13C-44.50 Lacs----
Sector 13D--44 Lacs60 Lacs--
Sector 13F-44.50 Lacs
Sector 14A34 Lacs--73 Lacs--
Sector 14B36 Lacs-53 Lacs73 Lacs--
Sector 14C---69 Lacs--
Sector 14D---69 Lacs--
Sector 15A---67.50 Lacs108 Lacs180 Lacs
Sector 15B---67.50 Lacs--
Sector 15C---68 Lacs--
Sector 15D---68 Lacs--
Sector 16A----110 Lacs-
Sector 16B---68 Lacs--
Sector 16C---68 Lacs--
Sector 16D---68 Lacs110 Lacs-
Sector 17---60 Lacs--
Note: All prices are mentioned for information only and they may change at any time. DHA- is not responsible legally for any investment decisions based on these prices.
If you are interested in prices in any other categories of DHA City Karachi (DCK) not listed above, please email us at